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Advantages of Aluminum Foam as road noise barrier

Many people think that the installation of the louver-type sound insulation barrier is for sound insulation and noise reduction. Then its advantage is naturally sound insulation and noise reduction. In fact, the noise reduction barrier of the blind road is not only the use of noise, but also a lot. The role of other bentons:

1. Broad field of vision: After the sound insulation barrier is installed on both sides of the road, the field of view in the road will be narrow, especially in some beautiful scenery, which will affect the rider's view of nature. In order to solve this problem, a transparent plate can be used as the material of the sound insulation barrier.

2, obstructing the field of vision: the scene near the road will distract the driver's attention, after installing the road sound barrier, it can obstruct the view and prevent glare. This problem can be effectively dealt with.

3. Preventing the spread of exhaust gas: There are often some polluting factories along the road. After being transported to the highway, the sound insulation barrier of the road can be effectively blocked.

4, wind protection: road sound insulation barrier has many shapes, upright type, top curved, top folding arm type, semi-blocking, full blocking type. The louver-type sound insulation barrier itself has wind and wind resistance, ordinary five or six winds are no problem, the instantaneous ten-level eight-level wind, especially the semi-blocking, the full-blocking sound insulation barrier has the effect of preventing typhoon!

5, beautiful appearance and integration environment: louver hole type sound insulation barrier combined structure, a variety of material combinations, surface spray a variety of colors, beautiful and generous, more and more places, as a decoration. As one of the means to control noise, the sound insulation barrier has its own unique place. For example, in the factory, for some high-noise machinery and equipment, it is often difficult to use sound insulation due to ventilation, heat lifting, lifting and transportation, operation and maintenance. Covers, soundproof walls, etc. completely enclose them. At this time, semi-closed, semi-open sound barriers are very suitable. Another example is that in a large office, the staff must be connected to each other and avoid mutual interference. It is quite advantageous to use a sound barrier to divide the large room into two or more relatively independent and connected small spaces. If the sound barrier is coated with sound absorbing material on one side of the sound source, it usually receives very good results. The sound barrier is a device that allows sound waves to be blocked in the propagation path to achieve noise reduction at certain locations. It can be used in workshops with low reverberation, local noise, and high noise levels, especially on busy traffic trunks.

With the development of highways and railways in China, the harm of high-speed rail noise pollution will become more and more serious, and it is imperative to reduce noise pollution. Establishing a real-time quotation sound barrier next to a high-speed railway is undoubtedly an effective method for noise reduction. The noise generated by roads, railways and other traffic has seriously affected people's work and life. How to effectively reduce the negative impact of traffic noise while developing roads and railways, especially to effectively protect important or sensitive targets along the route from traffic noise. The impact is an important guarantee for achieving harmonious economic and social development. The recycling and disposal of waste tires known as "black pollution" is a worldwide problem. These unutilized waste rubbers are difficult to degrade under natural conditions and become a huge "black pollution" that is difficult to eliminate. Therefore, how to use waste tires to achieve waste utilization is a new challenge before us. The real-time quotation sound insulation screen style directly affects the noise reduction effect of the sound insulation screen. In order not to increase the cost of the sound insulation screen project and improve the noise reduction effect of the sound insulation screen, the sound insulation screen style often adopts a curved shape, and the curved sound insulation screen can be divided. There are three types of large arc, small arc, and top arc sound barrier.

How to judge the quality of sound insulation barrier materials?

1, touch by hand, good sound barrier material touched hard and heavy. The sound insulation quantity obeys the standard of quality law, that is, the greater the unit density of the dense cloth, the greater the sound insulation. The areal density is directly proportional to the amount of sound insulation. Therefore, the sound insulation material of the same unit area, the greater the density, the greater the mass, and the better the sound insulation. Yunnan Kunming subway sound barrier professional manufacturers offer, in the control of outdoor, design room, workshop or workers long-term work, the intensity of noise is low; the warehouse or few people go to the workshop or open space, the noise is slightly higher is also possible.

2, measuring elasticity, excellent elasticity can reduce the shock of the hard board due to the sound wave. For example, the simple method of checking the elasticity of the sound insulation felt is to cut the sound insulation felt into strips of two or three centimeters wide, and then pull it with both hands. If it can be simply stretched and the length is restored after the looseness, then this is a good soundproof felt. .

3, test tolerance, strong resistance is another specification of sound insulation materials. The real-time quotation resistive muffler is the most commonly used muffler. It is an absorption muffler that applies acoustic waves in porous and collided sound absorbing materials due to friction and viscous drag.

4, try to pull, good sound insulation materials, if you do not rely on the knife cut and other things is not easy to tear.

It is especially common to install road noise barriers on highways. Because there are some differences in the size and structure of road noise barriers, the installation of road sound barriers is based on the specific structure of the actual road sections and the difference in location. There are different installation methods for common soundproof walls in highway sections. They can be divided into shallow pile continuous beam installation type, driven pile type, frame type and so on. Specifically, you can plan the installation method in advance. The method of installing a road soundproof wall of a shallow pile continuous beam is taken as an example, because this installation method is a relatively common installation method of a soundproof wall of a road section. In the early stage, concrete should be prepared, concrete piles and continuous beams should be used for installation, and when concrete is poured, it should be noted that the length of the pile is less than four meters. The real-time quotation block has good physical and mechanical properties and durability, and can be used as a structural material to form a wall. This method is low in cost and can significantly improve the noise of the living environment on both sides of the road. Therefore, it is widely used in the construction of highway sound barriers.

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