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Aluminum Foam sound barrier safety requirements gray

On both sides of the expressway, close to the village and residential areas, there are tall and continuous sound insulation walls, and the sound insulation walls are arranged in a variety of forms, such as straight lines or broken lines, and high and low inequality. Transparent walls are often used in urban areas. The color of the sound insulation wall is variable and the color requirements are determined by the road grade and location. This wall is in harmony with the scenery. It not only has sound insulation, but also beautifies the appearance of the road. Different parts are made of different shapes and materials, some are Boeing plates, and some are hollow new building materials that absorb sound. However, the requirements for reflection and absorption of sound waves by the sound insulation wall should be consistent in construction process and acoustics. Although the horn is rarely heard, the engine noise and tire friction of countless cars are still very large. The noise barrier can really reduce the noise safety requirements. The sound insulation barrier is sealed. Before the construction, submit a large sample of the installation node of this part, and the construction can be carried out before the buyer approves it. Then, the perforated metal sound barrier with sound absorption effect on the top stops the sound absorption treatment, so as to achieve better noise reduction effect.

Safety requirements How to install the sound insulation barrier of the viaduct in the construction of the sound barrier and the problems that need attention. When the sound insulation barrier is built on the viaduct, the foundation is mostly the collision barrier. When building a new building, the foundation and the column are often connected in the form of a pre-embedded flange. At the time, the old structure often used the outer buckle of the railing to fix the column. For the connection to the flange, the embedded part plays a vital role. The embedded part must have sufficient anchoring length to ensure that the column has sufficient tensile and shear resistance after the horizontal load is applied to the sound insulation barrier. The viaduct sound barrier column and the foundation connection are mostly connected by anchor bolts. The vertical column is only representative of the foundation, and the next is the problem of dense connection between the column and the plate. Only through reasonable combination of structural sections can the leakage sound be avoided and the sound insulation performance of the sound insulation barrier be affected. Safety requirements The basic idea of ​​the sound barrier is to absorb some of the noise and change the path of the noise according to the principle of sound wave propagation, and reach the purpose of noise reduction.

[Insulation barrier sound absorption coefficient]

High sound absorption coefficient: average sound absorption coefficient of 0.84. High-speed sound-insulating wall weather-resistant durability: The product has water resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, and does not cause deterioration of performance or quality due to changes in rain temperature. The high-speed sound insulation barrier length can be processed and processed as needed. (High-speed sound insulation barrier is beautiful: you can choose a variety of colors and shape suspension combination, and the surrounding environment is harmonious, which constitutes bright wind light. However, when the road sound insulation barrier is exposed to corrosive substances such as acid rain, it is necessary to take timely measures, such as Use water to wash, etc. Reduce the impact of large impact objects, so as not to affect the appearance and life of the deformation! Safety requirements Sound barrier can effectively reduce the dynamic noise transmitted from the air or water flow. There are many types of muffler, according to the muffler The principle is roughly divided into a resistive muffler, a resistance muffler, an impedance composite muffler, a microplate muffler, a dissipative type and a special type muffler.

Safety requirements Noise reduction sound insulation barrier sound insulation principle: When encountering noise reduction sound insulation barrier, there will be three phenomena of reflection, transmission and diffraction. Usually the barrier prevents the transmission of direct sound and the transmission sound is sufficiently attenuated, while the effect of transmitted sound is negligible. Therefore, the sound insulation effect of the noise reduction sound insulation barrier can generally be represented by a noise reduction amount, which reflects the above two kinds of shielded sound transmission capabilities of the sound insulation barrier. Inserting a sound barrier between the sound source and the receiving point, the barrier is infinitely long, the sound wave can only be circulated from above the barrier, and a sound shadow area is formed behind it, just as the light is blocked by the object to form a shadow. Safety Requirements The design of the sound insulation barrier fully considers the impact safety of the elevated road traffic vehicles and the all-weather open-air anti-corrosion problem. The appearance is exquisite, the manufacture is exquisite, easy to transport, easy to install, low cost and long service life. In this sound shadow area, people can feel the noise is obviously weakened, which is the noise reduction effect of the sound insulation barrier. First of all, when designing, we must measure the spatial position and noise source used by the sound insulation barrier sound insulation board, conduct noise test, and pay attention to the noise source and the noise barrier sound insulation board distance and the height of the sound insulation barrier sound insulation board. In order to play the role of sound insulation barrier. The safety requirements are fixed in order to prevent the weather from raining on the sound insulation screen. It is often used on some sloped sections. It seems that the installation method is slightly complicated. Actually, the installation is not so complicated, very simple, can be Perform mechanical installation.

[Precautions for installation of sound insulation barrier]

For the construction of sound insulation barriers, construction workers must wear safety helmets. Those who are not staff members or wear slippers should not enter them at will to ensure the safety of construction workers. In the construction process, they must obey the command, and each post is rigorously doing their own work and keeping their posts. Only by doing this, the construction safety of the sound insulation barrier is basically guaranteed, and how to maintain the environment during the construction of the sound insulation barrier.

1. Vehicles driving out of the sound barrier construction site, driving into the road and urban areas, should clear the dirt attached to the tires.

2. The living expenses shall be discharged according to the designated place and shall not be discharged arbitrarily.

Third, the sound insulation barrier night construction should comply with the rules of the local establishment department, try to avoid disturbing the people.

Fourth, the sound insulation barrier construction site should be equipped with sprinkler dust-reducing equipment, set up a special person to sprinkle water to reduce dust and timely clear the floating soil.

5. Separation of sound insulation barriers when necessary to reduce the vibration impact on the surrounding environment.

6. Before the construction of the sound insulation barrier, the surrounding buildings shall be suspended for investigation, and the impact on surrounding buildings during construction shall be suspended and recorded.

Safety requirements According to different needs, it can process and produce sound insulation board and sound absorbing board. It is suitable for roads, light rails, railways, culverts, tunnels and other transportation fields and various industrial plants, workshops and residential quarters. Features of highway sound insulation barrier: low cost: not only low production cost, but also light weight can greatly reduce the load-bearing load of overhead light rail and elevated road, reduce engineering cost; withstand wind load: high strength, light weight, can meet China Wind load requirements of different climatic conditions in different regions; superior acoustic performance: safety requirements The materials used in the construction of anchor rods and anchor hole grouting at the bottom of sound insulation screens and construction methods should meet the planning requirements and must not affect the safety and stability of the roadbed. The average sound insulation of the sound insulation barrier is greater than 35dB, and the average sound absorption coefficient is greater than 0.84, which satisfies the requirements of sound insulation barriers in various fields; although it can be ignored, we still summarize it into the noise field. There is an objectively existing noise and coordination problem based on the subjective judgment of the individual's environment, hobbies, personality, purpose and psychological factors. The same sound, sometimes noise, is sometimes not noise. Obviously, it is difficult to make a rule. Safety requirements The sound insulation barrier is sealed. Before the construction, submit a large sample of the installation node of this part, and the construction can be carried out before approval by the buyer. Then, the perforated metal sound barrier with sound absorption effect on the top stops the sound absorption treatment, so as to achieve better noise reduction effect.

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