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Classification of metal foam

Open cell metal foam

The holes are connected, as if they were incomplete,

A notched bubble is called an open cell metal foam.

2. Closed cell metal foam

The surface of the hole is solid, that is to say each hole

The closed hole is completely separated from the surrounding hole.

Metal foam.

Closed cell metal foam can be used as a cushioning material, as well as in bicycle helmets, with a higher impact load.

Compared to many polymer foams, the metal foam deforms after impact and can therefore only be used once.

Metal foam



If the state of the open cell metal foam is larger in the case of a bubble volume, the overall weight is lighter, but

The area of ​​the bubble and the bubble contact surface is large. Take the steel bar as a metaphor, the same diameter, thickness, and length

The easier it is to bend, the lower the cushioning capacity, and the easier it is to damage. But it can achieve a reduction in the amount of metal used, heavy

The purpose of reducing the amount, so that it can be applied to the aerospace technology; in contrast, in the case of a small bubble volume

The contact surface between the bubbles is small, the supporting force is high, the density between the bubbles is large, and they are connected to each other.

Strong cushioning ability, can be applied to helmets, car bumpers, doors, etc., but unfortunately not after impact

Can be restored.

Everyone has heard of memory alloys. When the alloy is placed at a high temperature and temperature, it will be placed for a while.

After cooling, and having a shape variable that is several times larger than other metals, and heating after changing the line, he will return

Return to the original look. This alloy may complement the shortcomings of the previous section of metal foam, if successful,

It will be one of the goals of technological development.

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