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Introduction of new materials: application range of metal foam such as nickel foam copper foam

Metal foam foam is used in explosion-proof flame retardant

Metal foam has good fluid permeability and has a strong fire resistance. It can be placed in a pipeline that transports flammable gases or liquids, and absorbs heat to prevent the flame from propagating and to block the explosion.

It can be widely used for gas welding gas cutting of acetylene or oxygen flame; switch of mine motor and power supply; refinery and combustible gas pipeline; flare system, oil and gas recovery system, heating furnace, gas purification system, etc. In addition, it can also be used as a porous fireproof and explosion-proof filling material in storage tanks such as liquefied gas and fuel oil.

Metal foam is used in the field of sound absorption and fire prevention

Due to the gradient porous nature of foam and the non-combustible nature of metal, metal foam has the dual functions of sound absorption and fire prevention. It can be widely used in indoor KTV, cinema, studio, conference room, etc. for sound absorption and fire resistance. A place with extremely high requirements. For example, Japan has achieved good results in the use of metal foam in generator rooms, recording studios, and Shinkansen sound absorption.

Metal foam is used in the field of damping

The specific stiffness and impact energy absorption capacity of metal foam is one of the important uses of metal foam. Through the selection of the metal foam parameters, a large range of elastic modulus can be obtained, so that the required response frequency can be matched, and harmful adverse vibrations can be suppressed and eliminated. Buffers and shock absorbers are typical applications for energy absorption. The material can be widely used in bumpers of automobiles, buffers for lifting and transport systems, mechanical energy absorbing linings, etc.

Metal foam is used in the field of photo-touch media carriers

Foamed metal has the characteristics of large specific surface area, good ductility and high thermal conductivity, and has good hydrodynamic performance. It has a very significant advantage in the catalytic reaction of gas and liquid. In the catalytic reaction, a metal foam base or a copper base metal may be directly used as a catalyst, or a metal foam may be used as a catalyst carrier to attach other catalyst to the surface layer. Composite photocatalytic metal foam tip nanocomposite technology, integrating the excellent characteristics of nano photocatalyst material and foamed nickel, a supported photocatalytic functional material obtained by uniformly loading a certain amount of nano Tio2 on a foamed nickel substrate.

Metal foam can be used as an excellent photocatalyst due to its unique three-dimensional network structure. It has wide application prospects in the three-way catalysis, medical chemical reaction, decontamination of organic pollutants in waste water, removal of harmful inorganic gases and air purification.

Metal foam materials are used in the field of vehicle lightweight

The foam alloy composite board independently researched and developed by the company has excellent performances such as high strength, light weight, fireproof, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, sound absorption and sound insulation. It is an important new material for realizing light weight of rail transit vehicles, electric buses, ships, engineering equipment and buildings. . The material can be welded, molded and painted. The products have been successfully applied in the field of EMU floor, partition board and architectural decoration.

Metal foam is used in the field of filtration and environmental protection

The pore distribution of the metal foam has a gradient distribution characteristic, which has the function of retaining and trapping solid particles contained in the gas and liquid fluid, and the material can be processed into a tubular shape, a cup shape, a disk shape, a plate shape, etc., which is currently high. Precision filtering materials commonly used. Can be widely used in soot purification, oil sand filtration, aluminum water filtration, water treatment filtration, gas filtration and so on.

Metal foam is used in the field of radiation shielding

With its unique metal properties and gradient pore distribution, metal foam can achieve good electromagnetic radiation shielding by interference attenuation and energy conversion of electromagnetic waves. Materials are widely used in electronics and military fields such as power stations, signal transmitting base stations, electronic units, and central control rooms.

Metal foam is used in the field of heat conduction and heat dissipation

The metal foam pores have a three-dimensional structure, the through-hole ratio is 95-98%, and the specific surface area can be increased by 6-10 times in the same volume. At the same time, copper, aluminum, nickel and iron have good thermal conductivity and can be welded and formed arbitrarily. Therefore, metal foam has extensive and mature applications in the fields of heat dissipation and heat conduction of LEDs, CPUs, video cards and other electronic components.

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