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Nickel Foam Can Kill Coronavirus COVID-19?!

The new crown pneumonia epidemic COVID 19 has lasted for 6 months, and more than 12 million people worldwide have been infected with the new crown virus so far. According to overseas website citing the Canadian "Toronto Sun" report, on the 7th local time, the World Health Organization admitted that "evidence is emerging" that the new coronavirus is spread through the air. Previously, a group of scientists had urged the agency to update its guidelines on the spread of respiratory diseases from person to person.

The World Health Organization acknowledges that “evidence is emerging” that the new coronavirus is spread through the air

At the same time, a new invention to curb the airborne transmission of the virus has made progress.

According to a report by Russia Today on the 8th, scientists from the Department of Physics at the University of Houston in the United States and the Texas Superconducting Center (TcSUH) designed an air filter that can instantly capture and neutralize the new coronavirus to kill it. This new invention can effectively reduce the spread of the new coronavirus in enclosed spaces.

The study was published in Materials Today Physics on Tuesday (7th) and reported that 99.8% of new coronaviruses will die through a single filter. Not only that, the device can also kill 99.9% of the spores of the deadly Bacillus anthracis, the "culprit" causing anthrax.

Although the new coronavirus likes a cold environment, the virus can still survive for 3 hours in hot weather conditions in Texas and spread through air-conditioning equipment. In this case, creating a filter that can quickly eliminate the threat is a feasible plan. Since the new coronavirus is known to be unable to survive in a high temperature environment above 70 degrees Celsius, the researchers decided to develop a heating instrument, and finally they successfully developed a low-energy electronic heating air disinfection system.

And this filter is made of a commonly available material, industrial nickel foam that can be heated to 200°C.

"This kind of filter is very useful in airports, airplanes, office buildings, schools, and cruise ships. It can help control the spread of the new crown virus and is very useful to society," said Ren Zhifeng, head of the Texas Superconductivity Center. . At the same time, this filter is extensible. The local company Medistar developed in cooperation with the Texas Superconducting Center has proposed a "desktop mode" that can purify the air around office employees.

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