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Simple guide to metal foam

Metal foam, that is, the interior of the metal, is dispersed with a large number of directional or random pores having a diameter of about 2 um to 3 mm. Due to the different design requirements for the holes, the holes may be foam type, braided type, honeycomb type and the like. Metal foam can also be classified into two types of independent pore type and continuous pore type according to the shape of the pores. The independent material has the characteristics of small specific gravity, good rigidity, good specific strength, good vibration absorption and sound absorption performance; in addition to the above characteristics, the continuous material has the characteristics of permeability and good ventilation. Because metal foam have the characteristics of structural materials and functional materials, they are widely used in aerospace, transportation, construction, mechanical engineering, electrochemical engineering, environmental protection engineering and other fields.

The metal foaml is a multi-purpose engineering material with excellent performance, which is jointly supported by the six ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Commerce and the key areas of high-tech national support clearly defined below. It also has the dual functions of functional materials and structural materials. It has various functions such as damping, shock absorption, noise reduction, flame retardant, filtration, gas distribution, electromagnetic shielding, etc., and has certain mechanical strength, as well as light weight, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, large specific surface area, and chemical The advantages of high electrochemical activity and no aging make it work normally under high temperature and harsh environment conditions, which helps solve many application problems. Can be widely used in aerospace, automotive, construction, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, electrochemical industry and military industry, specific application areas: exhaust gas filtration; diesel particulate trap; soot purifier; catalyst carrier; sound absorption and noise reduction; Insulation and heat-dissipating materials; air filtration, filters; vacuum filtration, open-type automotive filters; smoke suppression in chemical workshops; oil tank baffles; smoking fog, water, oil; air duct air baffles; sewer water flow baffles; Hull ventilation; seawater separation and filtration; pipeline filtration and disinfection; water desalination evaporator baffle; motor muffler; energy reducer; catalytic converter; indoor switchboard; light quality and high strength board; Structure; jet engine mute; toothed heat exchanger; heat sink; high temperature engine regenerator; liquid heat exchanger; cooling tower capacitor; battery plate, porous spark plug, etc.

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