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What is the hydrothermal stability of copper foam and nickel foam

Nickel foam is a kind of metal foam. metal foam also has lead foam , copper foam, titanium foam, etc. metal foam is also called sponge metal. It has high porosity, large specific surface area and unique three-dimensional network structure. Metal. Metal foam plays an important role in the fields of absorbing, filtering, catalyzing, and energy storage. One of the main varieties of metal foam is nickel foam.

Before the sponge substrate is plated with metallic nickel, the sponge is subjected to a conductive treatment. One of the processes of the treatment is that the sponge infiltrates the conductive adhesive to make the sponge conductive, and then the nickel ions are electroplated onto the sponge substrate, and the nickel foam is formed by a process such as baking, reduction, and the like. One type of conductive adhesive used in the above process is an aqueous graphite emulsion which meets the requirements of nickel foam production, and the use of water-based graphite emulsion as a conductive adhesive reduces the environmental pollution caused by the production of nickel foam. The high-performance nickel foam produced by the sub-micron graphite milk with specific properties has the characteristics of high porosity, low electrical resistance, good folding resistance and large specific surface area.

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