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What is the use of nickel foam? Where can I buy it?

The electroless nickel plating method, vacuum nickel plating method and conductive glue immersion method are used to prepare the conductive layer. Through pre-plating nickel, a thick nickel layer can be electroplated in a general-purpose sulfate nickel plating electrolyte, and then burned. , Reduction, annealing and other process treatments, you can get the nickel foam material with excellent performance. Product uses of nickel foam

Porous metal nickel, iron, copper and their composite layer porous bodies can be used as materials in many fields, such as filter carriers, chemical catalyst carriers, electromagnetic shielding materials, and precious metal replacement and recycling.

Battery electrode material

1. Mainly used for battery electrode materials, especially NiMH batteries, which are widely used in notebook computers, mobile phones, electric scooters, electric bicycles, hybrid vehicles and other fields.

2. Electrocatalyst of fuel cell: Molten carbonate fuel cell generally uses a working temperature of 550~700℃, and nickel foam can be used as an electrocatalyst of fuel cell. Nickel foam can be used in proton exchange membrane production cells (PEMFC), solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) in the electrode relay and electrolysis in the electrode material (for example, in the hydrolysis agent environment) of the bipolar plate modification material. The increased surface area can also be used to make hydrogen and synthesis gas in fuel cells.

3. Catalyst carrier: unique open-cell structure, low-pressure input holes, inherent tensile strength and thermal shock resistance, making nickel foam can be used as a catalyst carrier for automotive catalyst converters, catalytic combustion, and diesel black smoke purifiers. When the engine is cold-started, during the conversion process of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, due to its thermal conductivity, the performance of the nickel foam catalyst carrier may be better than that of the ceramic catalyst carrier. In this sense, the performance of nickel foam may be better or better than High temperature resistant steel catalyst carrier. Other applications include nickel foam catalyst supports such as Fisher-Topsh reactions, gas modification, and hydrogenation of fine chemicals.

Other uses

4. nickel foam can be used as a filter material to treat magnetic particles in the fluid as a magnetic current conductor. Other applications include the application of hydrogen storage media and heat exchange media.

5. nickel foam is a sound-absorbing material with excellent performance. It has a high sound absorption coefficient at high frequencies. The sound absorption performance at low frequencies can be improved by designing a sound-absorbing structure.

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