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Aluminum Foam Sandwich ASF

Composite Board

(With Aluminum Sheet / Wooden Sheet / Marble / Rubber)

Product Features
  • Density: 0.25 g / cm3 ~ 0.70g / cm³;

  • Porosity: 75% ~ 90%;

  • Aperture: uniformly distributed 1-10mm, main aperture 4-8mm;

  • Product specifications: 2400mm * 800mm * H or customized production according to customer requirements.

Aluminum foam can be made as single-sided / double-sided composite with metal (aluminum plate, steel plate, etc.) materials, non-metal (wood board, marble, glass fiber, basalt fiber, aromatic wheel fiber, carbon fiber, rubber, PE, etc.) materials. The aluminum foam material is the base material, which can be compounded on one side or both sides, and the high-temperature hot-press bonding or room temperature compounding is used between the layers. It has the characteristics of light weight, high specific stiffness, aging resistance, good energy absorption and impact resistance. By adjusting the material and size of aluminum foam and panel, it can meet different performance requirements in the field of car structure, floor, box, construction, furniture and other fields.

Product Showcase
composite 1.PNG
  • Due to the high energy absorption, damping and sound insulation properties of the aluminum foam material, it can be used in the composite armor of police anti-riot vehicles, the composite bottom plate of anti-mine mines of tank cars, the explosion-proof deck of ships, the air-dropped packaging boxes, bulletproof safes Aluminum foam  floor for trains, sound insulation cabinets for noise equipment, sound insulation walls in buildings, partition walls for passenger ship cabins, soundproof anti-theft doors, combined room activity rooms, aluminum foam curtain wall panels, marble / aluminum foam composite panels, wood / aluminum foam composite Soundproof floor.

  • Performance and characteristics: The foamed aluminum composite material is the middle layer, and different materials are selected according to the needs. The bonding and welding are used between them. It has light weight, high specific strength, high specific stiffness, aging resistance, good energy absorption and impact resistance. By adjusting the quality of foamed aluminum matrix composite / aluminum alloy (steel, etc.), it can meet different performance design requirements.

Case Study - As Vehicle Structure
  • Composite: Aluminum alloy plate (1mm) + aluminum foam (15mm) + basalt (1 layer)

  • Density (g / cm3) 0.85

  • Flexural strength (Mpa) 70

  • Compressive strength (Mpa) 18

  • Shear strength (Mpa) 32 (23 ℃)

  • Peel strength (N / mm) 50


The rigidity (bending strength) of aluminum foam sandwich panel is very high, which is equivalent to the flexural strength of granite. Compared with traditional wooden floor and honeycomb aluminum floor, it has high strength, weight reduction, vibration isolation, non-combustion, the advantage of not collapsing.

The rigidity of the armored steel plate / foamed aluminum / ordinary is more than 7 times that of the solid armored steel plate of the same quality per unit area, which is very beneficial to improve the strength of military equipment. The light armor developed by the United States is mainly composed of three layers of alumina ceramic panels, aluminum foam, and resin-based composite materials. The thickness of the barrier is 17.8mm for alumina ceramic plates, 19mm for aluminum foam, and 14mm for resin-based composite materials. The total thickness is 51mm about.

Anti-riot vehicle composite armor: 2mm manganese steel plate (or Qin alloy plate) / 15-20mm thick aluminum foam plate / 1mm thick general steel plate (inner layer), the weight can be reduced by more than 1/3.

At present, the shock-absorbing material inside the military airdrop packaging box is high-density plastic foam. The energy absorption capacity of high-density plastic foam is only about 1/10 of that of aluminum foam, which is much lower than the energy absorption and shock absorption of aluminum foam. The application of aluminum foam can also reduce vibration by orders of magnitude. The aluminum foam packing box has superior quality and excellent performance unmatched by other similar products. Shockproof, corrosion resistant, salt spray resistant, impact resistant, durable; can be used in missile launchers and other weapon equipment boxes, missile and other ammunition boxes, field medical boxes, field command operation boxes, field equipment boxes, Field military demand packing boxes, etc., have become air-dropping safety packing boxes for equipment, ammunition, and material transportation under the operational environment.

The performance of explosion-proof deck made of homogeneous steel plate (or Ti-6Al-4V alloy) 5 ~ 10mm / aluminum foam will be much higher than that of high-density plastic foam composite explosion-proof deck. The composite between the aluminum foam plate and the homogeneous steel plate can be bonded by high temperature curing resin glue, preferably metallurgical bonding.

The marble composite slab is a special product that cuts and processes the existing heavy natural stone into a thickness of about 2mm and joins the aluminum foam. The product not only maintains the original strength of the board, but also realizes the lightweight of the stone. It can be widely used in building interior and exterior decoration, transportation equipment (railway vehicles), elevator interior materials, general furniture and kitchen furniture, renovation of old buildings, tile replacement materials etc.

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