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Spherical Open Cell Aluminum Foam

Product Features

The open part of the hole of the sphere is composed of a small round hole in the bubble cabin and the bulkhead, which is equivalent to hollowing out dense aluminum with multiple closely stacked hollow balls, forming a gas or liquid substance that can be allowed in the aluminum The space through which the body flows, so aluminum foam is also called a metal sponge. The bubble chamber of the sphere open-cell aluminum foam is spherical and relatively regular. The spheres are arranged very closely. Each small round hole in the bulkhead is connected to the other spheres. It opens in 6 directions and the connection rate exceeds 90%. .


The structure of the sphere connected by air holes is conducive to the absorption and filtration of energy. Because it is not a straight hole, the energy undergoes repeated conversions of the sphere and air holes when the energy passes, and the flow rate and flow rate will gradually decay.


For sound absorption and noise reduction, the ideal application effect can be obtained through the design and process control of the size of the sphere (diameter 2-13mm), the size of the wall hole (diameter 0.5-4mm), the thickness of the hole wall and the thickness of the plate. Bulk density: about 0.8g /. According to the National Building Materials Testing Center of the Ministry of Construction, the noise reduction coefficient of Qiangye Aluminum foam meets the national standards. It is a product with good performance at home and abroad. It is suitable for various types of carrying toolboxes and mechanical equipment.


It is used for impact energy absorption, and the round close-packed structure has unparalleled advantages: spherical bubble cabin, round wall holes, and relatively regular bulkheads, making the sphere opening type more resistant to energy absorption and impact resistance. Compared with the closed-cell type produced by the gas foaming and slow-release foaming methods, the buffering time is longer and does not rebound when receiving impact energy. Compared with other types of open-cell aluminum foam, the sphere's open-cell compressive strength (44Mpa) and bending resistance (27Mpa) are much higher and have a significant improvement.

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