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Nickel Chrome Alloy Foam/ Nickel Chromium Foam

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Product Showcase
Properties & Applications

1. Electromagnetic shielding
Magnetic radiation shielding efficiency ≥ 70dB.

2. Sound absorption and noise reduction
Sound absorption performance level I, noise reduction coefficient NRC0.8. It has excellent sound absorption and noise reduction.

3. Filtration performance
The distribution of foam metal pores can effectively block solid impurities in liquids and gases, and has high filtration precision.

4. Processability
It can be cut, bent, and simply pasted.

5. Fire resistance

Keep the shape stable, it is difficult to burn at high temperature, and it is resistant to high temperature.

6. Heat conduction and heat dissipation

Thermal conductivity 120-401w/m.k.

7. Corrosion resistance

The surface layer is compounded with nickel, chromium and other metals, which have high resistance to salt spray corrosion.

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