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Colored Aluminum Foam Board

Product Features
  • Density: 0.25g / cm³ ~ 0.75g / cm³

  • Porosity: 75% ~ 90%

  • Aperture: Uniformly distributed 1-10mm, main aperture 4-8mm

  • Compressive strength: 3Mpa ~ 17Mpa

  • Bending strength: 3Mpa ~ 15Mpa

  • Specific strength: The quality can withstand more than 60 times its own weight; fire resistance does not burn, no toxic gas is produced; corrosion resistance, long service life

  • Dimensions: 2400mm * 800mm * H or customized production according to customer requirements.


Aluminum foam can produce various patterns, and forming a dry, adhesive, durable, radiation-resistant, acid and alkali-resistant coating film on the surface of the aluminum foam make it becoming a high-quality decorative product inside and outside the building. The foamed aluminum material has outstanding "moisture resistance", "salt resistance", and "mold resistance" after being treated with three anti-paints; it can meet the requirements of special environments, good waterproof performance, and the paint film is still in the wet environment It has good dielectric properties; it has strong oxidation resistance, thermal stability, and aging resistance, and can withstand the corrosion of many different concentrations of acids, alkalis, and salts; it can be cured at room temperature or low temperature, and the paint film is dense and bright. Strong adhesion and decorative. The surface of the foamed aluminum is treated in a special way to form a high-temperature-resistant layer on the surface, and the foamed board can withstand temperatures above 1000 ° C, which can meet the requirements of special environments.

Product Showcase
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