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Shaped Aluminum Foam Parts

Aluminum foam has the excellent characteristics of easy processing, can be sawed, cut, planable, millable, etc., easy to process into various plates, bars, bars and various shaped parts. The ultra-light metal structure with closed-cell aluminum foam as the focus. Due to the special pore structure, the structural material is lightweight and multi-functional. Because the aluminum foam material has high damping and mechanical impact energy absorption (for example, motorcycle collision avoidance Helmet, car insurance, packaging technology). Due to the needs of civil and high-tech fields such as automobiles, aluminum foam shaped parts are becoming the frontier in the field of foam metal preparation. The traditional melt method for manufacturing shaped parts can only be completed by machine processing, which has difficulties and high costs. At present, German aluminum foam crash-proof composite parts are used in high-end cars. Prepared by powder metallurgy. It can meet the requirements of different uses and different shapes.

Study even shows that if using AL foam as the car bumper as the example, the energy absorption could be as much as 6 * 104KJ / m3.

Compared with the traditional plastic bumper, the foamed aluminum shaped parts are more environmentally friendly, resistant to aging, strong in stiffness, and easy to paint.


At present, the Audi A8 car has adopted aluminum foam anti-collision bumpers and filled aluminum foam profiles. In addition to the bumpers, it is manufacturing profiles for bottom beams, front longitudinal beams, rear longitudinal beams, roof racks, A-pillars, and B-pillars. Filled with aluminum foam inside, it becomes the safest anti-collision car.

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