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Sound-Absorbing Aluminum Foam Board

Case Study 1: Perforation rate 1% ~ 3%

By perforating the closed-cell aluminum foam plate, it can be made into a high-efficiency sound-absorbing board (Ф2mm hole, perforation rate of 1% to 3%), which has excellent sound absorption performance and high sound absorption rate. 

Case Study 2: Pinhole Composite Aluminum Foam Sound-absorbing Panel

On the basis of closed-cell aluminum foam plate, composite surface pinhole sound-absorbing board can be made into sound-absorbing material with high sound absorption rate. The surface of this material has no flat surface, and has many concave and convex structures and small chamber structures. It absorbs sound through diffuse reflection on the toilet surface, and dissipates sound energy through micro pores and other structures. It has a good sound absorption effect. When the porosity is 1% ~ 3%, the sound absorption rate is the highest. The sound absorption rate measured by the standing wave method is in the range of 1000 Hz to 2000 Hz, and the sound absorption rate reaches 40% to 80%. High-speed rail, highways, buildings, tunnels and noise barriers along the way.

Product Showcase
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