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Copper Foam Application in Battery

Editor's note: Electric technology is the future of the green earth, and battery technology is the foundation of electric technology and the key to restricting the large-scale development of electric technology. The current mainstream battery technology is lithium-ion batteries, which have good energy density and high efficiency. However, lithium is a rare element with high cost and limited resources; at the same time, as the use of renewable energy grows, the energy density of lithium-ion batteries is no longer sufficient. how to respond?

Foam battery

Currently, traditional batteries are two-dimensional. They are either stacked like lithium batteries or rolled up like typical AA or lithium ion batteries.

The foam battery is a completely new concept, involving the movement of charges in a 3-dimensional space.

This three-dimensional structure can speed up the charging time and increase the energy density, which are extremely important qualities of the battery. Compared with most other batteries, foam batteries do not have harmful liquid electrolytes.

Foam batteries use solid electrolytes instead of liquid electrolytes. This electrolyte can not only conduct lithium ions, but also insulate from other electronic devices.

The anode that holds the negative charge of the battery is made of copper foam, and is coated with the required active material.

Then the solid electrolyte is coated around the anode.

Finally, a so-called "positive electrode slurry" paste is used to fill the gaps in the battery.

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